Out of the Closet, Into the Box

Discussion of the portrayal of G,L,B,T in Entertainment

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Portrayal of Homosexuals, Bisexuals, and Transpeople in Media, Stage, and Books.

This is a place where you can discuss the roles of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transpeople in various forms of entertainment including the ones stated above and any others that you can think of. Many times those in these categories are portrayed as stereotypical. We might have finally found our way out of the closet but society has put us in boxes marked with certain labels.

This isn't only a community to talk about the negative portrayals but the positive ones as well. To keep conversation going I'll be posting a movie, book, television show, stage performance etc once a week and the forum will be open for discussion.

The only rule I really have is respect each other. Opinions may be expressed but in the end, no matter what arguments or discussions have gone on, I would like everyone to have left the conversation feeling as if they were treated fairly.

You do not have to be gay, bisexual, transsexual, or even questioning your sexuality or gender in any sort of way to join this community. Just have an opinion.

p.s. The perverted "Into the Box" reference isn't lost on me. And now it isn't lost on you, either. Let's just say we're working to "penetrate the box." Devirginize our previous conceptions. How's that?